Energy Related Properties® (“ERP”) is a private equity real estate investment firm with a dedicated purpose: to establish the dominant commercial real estate position in the Permian Basin through the acquisition of premier office space and NNN industrial properties.

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With more than 2.2 million square feet of property, serving hundreds of tenants, ERP has established itself as the largest and most important commercial real estate owner and/or operator in the Permian Basin. ERP’s platform has been vertically integrated to completely control and operate every asset in its portfolio, generating solid returns for its investors and strong economic assets for the tenants that it proudly serves.

ERP was founded and is proudly headquartered in Midland, TX. Its team of nearly 30 professionals is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality tenant experience across the portfolio, which can only be achieved by being based locally. Additionally, to maximize the local benefit of its funds’ capital expenditures and service needs,

Our tenants’ success powers everything that we do at ERP. Whether it is facilitating introductions through The ERP Tenant Network Program (a service that ERP provides, as a professional courtesy, to help companies within ERP’s portfolio meet and conduct business),

or supporting an individual through a personal hardship, ERP will seek to establish deep, meaningful tenant relationships by helping advance their business objectives as well as offering our loyalty and friendship.

ERP offers tenants at its properties the first opportunity to win its business. ERP’s total dedication to the Permian Basin and the communities it serves, positions it as the “hometown” player in, what it believes is, one of the most important emerging business environments in the world today.

The Permian Basin produces more oil per day, in both quantity and marginal profitability, than any other basin in the United States. At 3.5 million barrels per day, it is the fifth largest producer of oil in the world.

if energy moves you,

Over the next ten years, production in the Permian Basin is expected to double, positioning it, after Saudi Arabia and Russia, as the third largest producer of oil in the world.









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ERP is a private equity real estate investment firm with a dedicated purpose: to only invest in properties where energy plays a significant role in the economic viability of each community.


400 W. Illinois Avenue, Suite 1630

Midland, TX 79701


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